Sichuan Meifeng Mica Industry Co.,Ltd,is located in Ya’an City,Sichuan,which, called“Raining City”,is a beautiful place.We company possesses more than 200 thousand square meter land and 50 million Yuan fixed assets. Meifeng Mica is the biggest mica manufacturer in China,it is of a member company under Sichuan Meifeng Group Co.,Ltd.,even the famous public company,Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Industry Joint-stock Company,is it’s a member company.
  Meifeng Mica history shall go back to its antecedent,Ya’an Mica Industry Co.,Ltd,which was established in 1952,with more than 50 years development and share-holding by Meifeng in 2003,the new company,Meifeng Mica,starts to march into a significant period.So far our products can covers the eight main types,like mica paper,mica capacitor,fabricated mica part,mica tape,mica plates,mica powder and built-up mica element,and few dozens sub-various,or thousand kinds of specials.For the process-lines running,it is equipped with machine building and maintenance.
   Some researching projects,involued the proprietory intellectual proprety right,are developed by the Company’s R&D Department,characterized by the domestic or would beating technology.Our products have been using in the wide fields,such as national defense,spaceflight,aviation,machine & electronic,metallurgy,and chemical industry,which are sold to the different places of the world,including:U.S.A,France,Japan,Germany,South Korea,Hong Kong and Taiwan,the products also can be found in the important and significant spaceflight events,i.e.the Satellite“Dong Fang Hong No.1”and the space ship“Shenzhou No.6”.
   Our guideline is“The standard shall be based on the need of costumer,quality reputation come from ceaselessly reforming”,the company is approved and certificated through ISO9001:2000 and UL for the quality and safety control.Company products were awarded the prizes at the state or provincial levels respectively.

  We are collecting all possible hands and wisdom to create brightening future!

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